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Introduction of Galuminium Group


Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. is established in 1993, with headquarters in Guangzhou. Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. is a leading multi-developed company in China aluminum industry chain. Business scopes in Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. Vary from a complete aluminum industry chain from bauxite mining, anodizing aluminium production, anodizing aluminum smelting, processing and sales of aluminum products, D&R, to aluminium windows and curtain walls manufacturing & installing.


Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. always values faith and quality. Since establishment, GAL is continuously awarded China Well-known Trademark, Guangdong Province Famous Product, Post-Doctoral Research Center, Guangdong Province Enterprise of New and Advanced Technology, Guangdong Province Enterprise Technical Center, Guangdong Province Good Credit Enterprise. Meanwhile, Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. was also granted as the Guangzhou City First-batch Headquarter Enterprise and certified as ISO9001/ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Occupational health and safety management system certification.


Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. relying on over 20 years of professional experience in the aluminium industry and national brand "Galuminium Brand", boasts about two billion tons of bauxite resources and complete industry chain advantage as the foundation, gradually and scientifically achieve aluminum industry consolidation. Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. obtains scientific and steady aluminum industry benchmarking status. The completion of Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. headquarters building (Guangzhou ·Pazhou), will be committed to the headquarters of an international aluminum industry, aluminum industry cluster culture center, technology center and trading center, to promote development of Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. and the global aluminum industry.


GAL wholeheartedly focuses and integrates on the complete international aluminum industry chain. Social capital, profit sharing, Galuminium Group Co., Ltd. is bold to take corporate social responsibility. Galuminium's ultimate goal is to take from society, reward the society.


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